Life on Earth

Life on Earth has been a fascinating journey so far. I was born on Earth in June, 1993 and it took me 6 years to realise that I was named "Mithil". Then it took me another year to realise that my surname is Raut. Since then Mithil and Raut have been representing me officially and at times personally and socially.

  I spent my childhood in the bright town of Boisar frequently haunted by the power-outs. Taps always supplied air with the exception of water at a few times a day. Surprisingly my school had no such problems and was a nice place to be in all the chaos outside its walls. 
  In 2010 I moved to Mumbai to pursue my undergrad in Computer Engineering. After graduating in 2014, I worked at  St. Francis Institute of Technology, Mumbai as a Research Assistant. We made robotics based solutions to real life problems. I also mentored students with their senior design projects. Currently I am a grad student at College of Engineering, Boston University in the vibrant city of Boston.

  My list of intersts have grown over the years, meeting people is one of them. I like coffee, you can reach me through various technical solutions which make it possible.