Infinity- a learning tool for kids

History : Aarav is a 1st standard kid who lives across the hall. Although he doesn't know much of multiplication and division and finds it difficult to add large numbers as well, he is quite familiar with android devices and apps. He is quite swift in playing Subway Surf as well as knows how to operate a tablet. One day, I took a wireless robot car that I had assembled. The car caught his inquisitiveness and he was eager to know how it worked. Unlike conventional toy cars with a tangy design and a zesty appeal to kids, this car looked assembled with all the parts such as the motors and circuits were visible to the user.
  Abhi is another 6th grade kid who stays in the same complex. He has had his share of driving toy cars around. When I showed him the same car, he was more interested to know about the components and the build. However, when I showed him the so many components such as resistors, transistors, switches, IC's and the circuits, it was intimadating for him to understand and handle such small components.

Concept: Infinity is designed to make understanding electronics easy for kids. Designed as a modular toy that can be assembled and connected in different ways to make circuits, Infinity eliminates the complexity of handling small components and gives them an inviting look and feel to play with. Metaphorically, I am worked with a bunch of kids on the design and fabrication of the elements. To know more about the project and its progress visit 

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