ITD- Intelligent tablet dispenser

History : Ashok's father is a diabetic patient which requires him to take 12-15 pills each day with upto 6 pills for a dose. Every fortnight Ashok gets medicines from the shop, cuts them into dosages and uses a weekly grid based medicine box to store the dosages. Although his father takes the medicines regularly at the correct time of the day, Ashok is constantly worried about him missing a dose and often calls up to check with his  father.
  While Ashok make the dosage of medicines for his parents their neighbours across the street are not so fortunate. The old aged couple across the street find it difficult to peel medicines and remember their names and colors. It also becomes difficult for them to read from the written prescription. At times they have to call someone to help them with the pills.

Concept: Designed to tackle the problems mentioned above, ITD is conceptualised from the need to take correct medications on time, specially in the case where the no. of pills and their combinations are so large and complex that it becomes difficult to remember them. ITD is a  device which reminds you to take your medicines on time and makes the dosage for you. Developed the first working prototype. To know more about the project and its progress visit 

Easy to load and refill pills.
Voice alert with instruction to take medication.
Vocal alerts for non-pill based medications.
Alerts to the caretaker for missed dosages.
Refill alert and notifications.
Versatile to the needs of multiple patients and their dosages.

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