Mission on Mars Robot challenge  

Maker Fair Paris, 2014

Mathworks, France in association with Maker Fair Paris organised a Mars rover robot simulation competition at the Maker Fair Paris on 21st of June 2014. The competition was a part of the two day Maker fair exhibition. Maker fair is an internationally recognised event which showcases workshops, presentations and conferences on the theme of creativity, production and motion Do it Yourself (Do it yourself). It is an event for all fans of technology, craftsmen, educators, inventors, hobbyists, engineers, science clubs, authors, students and artists. It was hosted at a famous cultural centre in Paris named Le Centquatre, Paris which extends over an exhibition space of about 3 Lakh Square Feet. 
  The competition was open to all age groups. It comprised of a demo Mars field and 3-D printed Mars rover robots. The mars rover robot was supposed to traverse a number of sites on the field in the minimum time possible. The aim of the competition was to optimize and program the algorithm used by robots to carry out their mission. The number and the position of the sites were changed after each round. We were amongst the top 12 teams internationally selected for the finals at Paris. A total of 90 teams competed against each other for a time trial. At the finals we stood 2nd in the initial time trail round and 6th in the following round.

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