Work Experience

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Boston University, College of Engineering
Sept - Dec 2017                       

  1. Guide students in discussions on real world applications of IOT.
  2. Assist students in developing embedded system based solutions for sensing, localization and networking.

Hardware Engineering Intern

Uber Advanced Technologies Group
May - August 2017                       

  1. Worked on projects in Automation and Testing.

Graduate Research Assistant

Multimedia Communication Lab
Boston                                                                 Feb - May 2017                       

  1. Developed an IoT based platform with ambiance and particle sensors for indoor air quality and occupancy monitoring.
  2. Implemented a Wi-Fi based solution for logging data.


St. Francis Institute of Technology, Mumbai                          
July 2014 to June 2016

  1. Co-founded the Robotics and Automation Lab (RadLab) at the Institute enabling students to work on Robotics applications and solutions for industrial problems.
  2. Mentored Under Graduate student projects related to robotics and embedded systems.
  3. Courses Delivered: Object Oriented Programming with Java, Big Data Analytics


  1. Infinity: a learning tool for kids 
  2. Intelligent Tablet Dispenser
  3. Phoenix: Applications of Aerial vehicles


  1. Amazon Picking Challenge
  2. ABU Robocon


Master of Science

Electrical and Computer Engineering
College of Engineering
Boston University
Jan 2018

Courses taken:

  1. Design by Software 
  2. Product Design in ECE
  3. Robotics Vision Planning
  4. Networking the Physical World
  5. CE in Connected World
  6. Tech Ventures


  1. Indoor Air and Environment Monitor
  2. Smart Farm
  3. Audio Visualiser using Drones
  4. Portable Physical Therapy
  5. Robotic arm assist for wheelchairs

Bachelor of Engineering

Computer Engineering
St. Francis Institute of Technology, University of Mumbai
June 2014

Courses taken:

  1. Robotics and Artificial Intelligence 
  2. Operating Systems
  3. Image Processing
  4. Data Structures and Algorithms
  5. Database Management System
  6. Java


  1. Soldier Assistance Ecosystem
  2. Autonomous Navigation using Line following.


  1. Mars Rover Robot Challenge
  2. ABU Robocon

Awards & Affiliations

1 Recipient of the travel grant for the Amazon Picking Challenge held at ICRA 2015 in Seattle, WA. March 2015
2 Part of the only team from India to compete against 31 other teams at the Amazon Picking challenge. May 2015
3 Placed 6th amongst 12 teams at the international Mars Rover Robot Simulation challenge, Maker Fair, Paris. June 2014
4 Designer and Fabricator of team SFIT for the ROBOCON competition held in Pune, India. 2011-2014
5 Conducted workshops on "Programming with Arduino", "Fabricating and programming Robots". Sept 2013
6 E-leader, SFIT Entrepreneurship-Cell. Jan'13 - Mar'14