ABU Robocon

Although my choose to graduate in Computer Engineering, most of the time I was involved in robotics based activities. My school gave a platform to explore and develop concepts of robotics in the form of Robocon competition. ABU ROBOCON is an international theme based Robotics contest, organised annually by Asian Broadcasting Union in any of its member nations. Every year a National competition is held in each member nation and the national winners go on to represent their country/university in the international competition.
  I joined the robotics club of my college in my second year(2011). A cash crunched club back in time, we struggled to make things work in limited resources. Frugal innovation was the answer to our problems. Robotics club at SFIT has since evolved exploring new technologies to find a feasible yet innovative solution to the problems specified in the theme. The legacy continues even today as I enter my 5th year with the team.

Completed projects

Indoor Air and Environment Monitor

Smart Farm

Streamlining intelligent automation in farming


Soldier Assistance Ecosystem

Audio Visualiser Using Drones

An intersection of performance and technology


Robotic Arm Assist for wheelchairs


Portable Physical Therapy

Selfie bot

A wanderlust selfie taking robot


Autonomous navigation using line following


    A system for Amazon Picking Challenge


A wearable band for the hearing impaired


Sharing laughter beyond close proximity

Projects initiated at RadLab


Intelligent Tablet Dispenser


A learning tool for kids


Applications of aerial vehicles

International competitions


Amazon Picking Challenge 2015

Maker Faire Paris

Mission on Mars robot challenge 2014


ABU Robocon 2013 The green planet

Hobby projects


Persistence of VIsion display

Infinity Mirror

Multiple reflecting mirror display