Soldier Assistance Ecosystem (SAES)

SAES was born out of problems faced by soldiers. It took a lot of discussions and brainstorming sessions with our advisor to finally shortlist three problems to keep the scope of projects. To assist soldiers with surveillance in harsh environments such as desserts or snows. To rescue soldiers injured in combat without jeoparding the life of other soldiers or medics. To provide a quick delivery mechanism for lightweight medical supplies.
  SAES is a family of robots designed to assist soldiers in specific tasks of patrolling, rescuing casualities and delivering light weight supplies. The scope was of the project was limited to developing and demonstrating the proof of concept of the solutions.

1. Daksha: This patrolling robot will scan the borders while soldiers will receive a live feed from it in a nearby safe zone. 
2. Phoenix: This Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is designed to be a multipur- pose platform with the primary function of providing courier service during emer- gencies. Besides that, aerial reconnaissance, package delivery, thermal imaging, search and rescue operations are also envisioned for this platform. 
3. Sarathi: This vehicle will act as a smart stretcher to extract injured soldiers from the combat zone and bring them to a safe location.

  The beginning of my final year in 2013 saw an inspiration in the form of a TED talk by Rafaello D’andrea which brought up the plethora of capabilities and applications of multirotor vehicles. With that ambition we assembled a quadcopter capable of carrying 1kg of load and designed a package drop mechanism. The moment of joy is when you get the right configuration of motor-propeller-battery-weight combination to maximise flight time and reduce power consumption. Once the roter is set up then comes the part of tuning various gain values for stability and performance.  We also made history for being the first ones to build a flying vehicle in our institution. Since then I enjoy working with and flying multirotors. To read in depth about this projects refer the black book.

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