Selfie bot- a wanderlust selfie taking robot

 This robot was designed and fabricated as a part of the four day long “Robo Revolution” workshop organised by Swissnex India and workbench projects at Bengaluru. The participants were mentored by two PhD candidates, Raghav Khanna and Anurag Vempati, from the Autonomous Systems Lab(ASL) at ETH, Zurich who flew down to facilitate the hands-on workshop, which included a day of introducing core Robotics concepts like localisation and perception algorithms to give the robots a mind of their own. The robot would roam around avoiding obstacles and when lifted to your face, it would take your selfie when you smile. Here is a news article of the event covered by Banglore Mirror. 

All the selfies clicked by the Selfie bot can be found here.
A detailed report of the workshop can be found here.

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Selfie bot

A wanderlust selfie taking robot


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